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Image The Garden of Sinners: A Study in Murder (Part 1)

The Garden of Sinners: A Study in Murder (Part 1)

Release Date 2007-12-29
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Animation, Action, Crime
Stars Maaya Sakamoto, Kenichi Suzumura, Jouji Nakata, Takako Honda, Hiroki Tōchi
Directors Nobutaka Ike, Nobutaka Ike, Masuo Ueda, Junichi Higashi, Junichi Higashi

August 1995: Mikiya first meets Shiki in a white kimono during a snowing day. Later on, at the high school freshmen ceremony, Mikiya sees Shiki in the crowd and chases after her, introducing himself to her. But Shiki hides a big secret: A wave of bizarre murders occur around many loose ends, and no suspects. there are still many questions: Who to believe? Who is the murderer? What is the secret of Shiki? and especially: Who is SHIKI?