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Image All in the Family

All in the Family

Release Date 1979-04-08
Runtime 25 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Danielle Brisebois
Directors Michael Ross, John Rich, Bill Davenport, Mark E. Pollack, George Zaloom

Archie Bunker, a working class bigot, constantly squabbles with his family over the important issues of the day.

1. Little Miss Bunker


Edith's cousin Floyd abandons his nine-year-old daughter, Stephanie, on the Bunkers' doorstep.

2. End in Sight


Archie spends a night wallowing in self-pity when an insurance physical reveals an ominous spot on his liver.

3. Reunion on Hauser Street


The Bunkers attempt to reunite Blanche and Barney Hefner after her latest fling with an exterminator fizzles

4. What'll We Do with Stephanie?


The Bunkers decide to keep Stephanie after her father fails to reclaim her as promised.

5. Edith's Final Respects


Edith is the sole mourner at her Aunt Rose's funeral.

6. Weekend in the Country


Archie and Edith are invited to spend a fishing weekend with Barney and Blanche at their cottage. But after a game of Monopoly, an argument between Barney and Blanche begins. That night, Archie is uncomfortable to sleep with a man (Barney) in bed, while Edith and Blanche rate their husbands as a lovers. By the end, Blanche and Barney makeup and Archie tries to forget everything.

7. Archie's Other Wife


At an American Legion convention, Archie awakens facing a beautiful black airline stewardess who swears they were married the night before.

8. Edith Versus the Bank


With the TV broken, Edith decides to buy a new one for Archie for their 30th wedding anniversary. But when the clerk won't let Edith buy a TV without Archie's signature because she's a woman, she goes to the bank for a loan. There too, she can not borrow money because she is just a housewife with no job, making Edith furious. Helpless, Edith goes home and asks Archie for $500, but she won't tell him why (surprise). During their conversation, Edith discovers that Archie may be sexist also.

9. Return of the Waitress


Edith finally confronts the waitress who tempted Archie's fidelity after Harry unwittingly hires her to work at Archie's Place.

10. Bogus Bills


Edith is arrested for passing phony $10 bills she got from Archie's Place.

11. The Bunkers Go West


After Mike and Gloria cancel their trip home for Christmas, the Bunkers decide to travel west for the holidays.

12. California, Here We Are (1)


The Bunkers head out to California for Christmas to find out that Mike and Gloria are having marital problems.

13. California, Here We Are (2)


separation is Archie's reaction when he discovers that Gloria has been unfaithful to her husband: For the first time in nine years, he turns his back on his daughter and sides with Michael. The script, rife with disturbing details of the petty cruelties that have already poisoned the Stivics' marriage, avoids the easy out of a tidy resolution. Mike and Gloria do effect a spontaneous reconciliation under the tree, but the tentative exchange lacks the conviction of a permanent reunion. They've been through enough to know, as we do, that the optimism of Christmas morning doesn't always stand up to the cold light of the new year. years, he turns his back on his daughter and sides with Michael.

14. A Night at the PTA


When Edith develops laryngitis on the eve of her singing debut at Stephanie's PTA recital, Archie steps in to understudy the duet.

15. A Girl Like Edith


When Edith invites butcher Klemmer and his new sweetheart, a Russian who is the spitting image of Edith, she notices that Klemmer might have the hots for Edith and not for her.

16. The Appendectomy


Edith and Archie rush Stephanie to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy on the eve of her 10th birthday. Luckily, the surgery goes perfectly, so they celebrate both Stephanie's birthday and the success of her operation.

17. Stephanie and the Crime Wave


Archie and Edith are shocked when they discover that Stephanie has been stealing some of her favorite teacher's belongings, and the Bunkers's also. But Stephanie admits that she stole these things so that when she returns to her dad's, she'll have something to remember them by.

18. Barney, the Gold Digger


Barney Hefner is suicidal when Blanche finally deserts him, until Archie fixes him up with an overweight but wealthy widow.

19. The Return of Archie's Brother


When Archie's brother, Fred, visits Archie to open up a business, he also brings his 18 year old wife, Katherine. Both, Archie and Edith, and even Stephanie, are shocked as they find out. While the new bride and Edith cook supper, Archie and Fred argue about Katherine's age. Before dinner, Fred (and Katherine) leave the Bunker's home, canceling the business. In bed, Edith asks Archie if he were a single 55 year old man, would he go for a young girl. Archie answers no.

20. Stephanie's Conversation


After Stephanie comes back from Sunday School, Rev. Chong visits Edith to tell her that even though she is welcome anytime at Sunday School, Stephanie is Jewish. Edith accepts it, unlike Archie. Selfishly, Archie decides to change Stephanie's religion but Edith interrupts that it's not his decision. So Edith brings Archie and herself to visit a Rabbi to get more information of the religion. Later that night, Stephanie awaits at the porch for the return of Edith and Archie. She and her uncle discuss and he approves that it's her decision and whatever religion she'll be, he'll love her the way he has.

21. Edith Gets Fired


When an ill woman tells Edith to let her die with dignity at the SunShine Home, the woman's family are furious after her death. The manager fires Edith for her selfishness, even though Edith honoured the woman's wish. Later that night, the woman's daughter thanks Edith to be with her mother as she passed away since she (the daughter) never got to visit her own mother back then.

22. All in the Family Retrospective (1)


Norman Lear hosts an affectionate look at the high points of his ground-breaking TV series.

23. All in the Family Retrospective (2)


Norman Lear hosts an affectionate look at the high points of his ground-breaking TV series.

24. All in the Family Retrospective (3)


Norman Lear hosts an affectionate look at the high points of his ground-breaking TV series.

25. The Family Next Door


Louise Jefferson returns for a visit at the Bunker's place to ask Edith if she can sell her (Louise's) former house. Edith doubts but Archie makes her agree so that they (mostly he) can choose white people to move in. When Edith sells the house to a couple and she invites the lady to her house, Archie realises that the woman is black and so is her husband. But Archie isn't disturbed when he finds out that the man is a cop, which could be good for Archie's safety.

26. The Return of Stephanie's Father


Stephanie's father, Floyd, finally arrives with a devastating proposition for the Bunkers: They can keep Stephanie if they agree to pay him $1000 cash!

27. Too Good Edith


On Archie's St. Patrick's Day Party at the tavern, he discovers that Edith is terribly ill after doing a lot of cooking for him. Sidney comes to the rescue and is able to save Edith before it's too late and he also tells Archie that he knew about her illness before and so did Edith. Sidney mentions that he did tell Edith to stay off her feet, but obviously, with the cooking for Archie, she didn't listen to his instruction. Archie visits Edith upstairs and is disappointed that she didn't get rest instead of doing something for his party. Instead of leaving to host it, Archie falls asleep in the arms of his lover, Edith.